Causes I’m working for!

Causes I’m Working For:

Domestic Violence
Children in need (including those currently suffering from abuse, or homeless, or teenagers who just feel like no one listens)
Children’s rights (for example, 14 year olds should be aloud to volunteer without parental permission and supervision)
Education System
Soldiers/Veterans Aid
Self-Sufficient Economy
Better Food for America


Because my mom suffered over fourteen years of domestic violence at the hand of my father, and I couldn’t stop it, and sometimes I still hate her for not stopping it even though I know she couldn’t.

Because I know someone who is being sexually abused, because I was, because I’ve been homeless and wondering where the food money’s coming from, and I’ve felt completely and utterly alone and like no one would listen to me, and I know EVERY teenager out there has felt that their ideas don’t matter until they graduate high school, even if their idea is one of the best things to ever grace the human mind.

Because I feel stupid every day I sit in class, and learn absolutely nothing, and wish with all my heart that I could be one of those kids who graduates from MIT, or Tokyo U at age 15, because I know, if I had had the opportunities, and worked hard enough, that I’m smart enough to have done it.

And because it’s an absolute disgrace to the American people, a gross abuse of power and of our soldiers, disturbing, disgusting, and revolting that active soldiers make as little as 2400 a month, no matter how many family members their supporting, or how many hours their working, or how often they’re putting their lives on the line to save us, and that every night an estimated 170,000 veterans go to sleep without a home each night.

So now that you know what I’m working for, and why, send me an email telling me what you think needs to be fixed, and why, or offer your support.

This blog will tell you exactly how to make a difference RIGHT NOW (without donating if you can’t afford it (like me)), and no matter how old you are or how much time you have.